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Apr 11

A humorous extract from B.Bryson's, A Walk in the Woods

  • The setting: Bryson and his companion Katz have been hiking the Appalachian Trail and decide to take a cab from Gatlinburg, USA:
  • Bryson: 'How much would it be to take two of us to Ernestville?' I enquired.
  • Cabguy1: 'Dunno', came the reply.
  • This threw me slightly.
  • Bryson: 'So how much do you think it would be?
  • Cabguy1: 'Dunno.'
  • Bryson: 'But it's just down the road.'
  • There wasa considerable silence and then the voice said:
  • 'Yup.
  • Bryson: 'Haven't you ever taken anybody there before?'
  • Cabguy1: 'Nope.'
  • Bryson: 'Well, it looks to me on my map like it's about twenty miles. Would you say that's about right?'
  • Another pause.
  • Cabguy1: 'Might be.'
  • Bryson: 'And how much would it be to take us twenty miles?'
  • Cabguy1: 'Dunno.'
  • I looked at the receiver.
  • Bryson: 'Excuse me, but I just have to say this. You are more stupid than a paramecium.'
  • Then I hung up.
I can’t believe I registered this URL
— the One


1st post of the year! Many things to celebrate:

  • The reunion of Rage Against the Machine at Coachella (WHOOO!)
  • The 17th anniversary of my entry into earth
  • National election/s (The Australian one) which will hopefully rid big Johnny¬†
  • The prospect of receiving my L licence
  • The collaboration of ideas for my future visit to west-coast USA/Mexico/Canada
I’ll see you later